Quality Policy

Our Company is committed to provide ultimate customer satisfaction by ensuring production of Industrial Safety Equipment:-

  • Highest Quality Standard
  • Timely Delivery of goods.
  • A total commitment to achieving customer satisfaction, by understanding his needs, and supplying equipment’s and service of world class quality.
  • An ISO 9001:2008 Company

We will provide an Environment Friendly and Healthy work atmosphere to continually improve in all spheres of activities and nurture a genuine team strip.

We understand that the Products we manufacture serve to save a life. Hence each and every step in the entire process of Operations, for the entire range of Products- starting from raw material procurement to assembly of the final product, is accompanied by a strong sense of responsibility towards the strict and escalated Quality parameters, set within the Organisation. The Products are further Tested and Certified as per various International Standards, including American Standards, European Standards, Australian Norms, Singapore Norms, and Canadian Standards, including also the Indian Standards. Today, the name of Sar Disaster Management stands synonymous with Quality- both in product and in service. And this is as a result of more than a decade of continuous improvement, dedication and hard work, put in by the entire team of Sar Disaster Management .